2017 Annual awards

Please find attached the Wellington award nomination form here 2017 -Awards-Nomination Form closing date for these to be returned is 24th October.

This year’s awards will be hosted by Khandallah Squash and Tennis Club, Friday 17th November.


Below are the national awards that you can completed on line. To note: The club and Volunteer of the year award nominations will automatically go through to the national awards panel.


Club of the Year

Clubs play an important role in society. They draw people together, they help to knit communities and they provide a place where people can enjoy themselves both on and off the squash courts. Established in 1998 and open to all affiliated squash clubs within New Zealand, the Club of the Year award recognises clubs for their valuable contribution and achievement in the delivery of community squash.


Nominate your club here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3032


Volunteer of the Year

Volunteers fill many roles and are the lifeblood of many squash clubs throughout the country. They make our sport happen in the community and are vital to the development of the game. Established in 2012, the Volunteer of the Year award rewards outstanding contribution from a volunteer to the sport of squash within New Zealand.


Nominate your volunteers here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3033


National Coaching Awards

Coaching and coaches form a critical part of the squash landscape in New Zealand. Coaches from across the country at all levels donate their time and knowledge to allow athletes to not only improve their game but to also to enjoy the game to its potential. Established in 2002, the Squash New Zealand National Coaching Awards recognise the hard work and endeavour that coaches put in on a weekly basis.

  • New Coach of the Year: a coach who has been coaching for 2 years or less at any level.
  • Club & School Coach of the Year: a coach who is working with junior or senior athletes in a club or school setting (this could include coaching individuals, junior programmes, beginner coaching, schools coaching and graded teams).
  • Performance Coach of the Year: a coach who is working with athletes at a District Representative Level or above, and / or working with a District Performance Squad.


Nominate your coaches here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3036


Nominations will be open until 24 October. For more details on the regional and national awards: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm



Useful iSquash Information for Maintaining Club Memberships

If someone is new to squash, you can register them in iSquash and add them to your club membership by using “Add Member”.  If they have played squash before then they will already be members in iSquash and you cannot re-register them using the “Add Member”.

If a player is already registered in iSquash, they need to log in and apply for membership at your club (by going to My Clubs, clicking on Apply for Membership, using the drop down select your club and then click Add).  Once they have applied, you need to go in to Member Management, and accept the membership.

Accepting Pending Members
Once logged in on the left hand side is the menu.  Go down to “Member Administration” and just under that is “Member Management”. Click on this.
The District will be your District, the Club will be your club and Membership will be “All”.  Using the drop down arrow, change Membership to “PendingMember” and click on the black “Refresh” button.
Tick the empty box to the right of the person you wish to make a member and then click on the orange “Make Full Members” button

*To delete Members from your club Membership, you first have to suspend their membership.

Suspending Members
Once logged in on the left hand side is the menu.  Go down to “Member Administration” and just under that is “Member Management”. Click on this.
The District will be your District, the Club will be your club and Membership will be “All”.  Using the drop down arrow, change Membership to “Member” and click on the black “Refresh” button.
This will then show you all of the current members of your club and give the option buttons to Email, send the details to excel with Report, Promote Members (which is promote to Committee Status), Demote Members and Suspend Members.  Tick the empty box to the right of the person you wish to Suspend and then click on the Suspend Members button.  You can Promote, Demote or Suspend more than one person at a time by ticking more than one box.

Deleting Members
To delete members from your club you need to suspend them first (instructions in info above).  Once they are suspended, using the drop down change the Membership type to “SuspendedMember” and click the black “Refresh” button.  This will then give you the options to Make Full Members or Delete Members. Tick the empty box to the right of the person you wish to Delete and click the Delete Members button. You can Delete more than one person at a time by ticking more than one box.
Deleting Players from the Grading List
To delete a player from your clubs grading list and change them from a graded player to a leisure player for your club, you need to complete the Add/Move/Delete Player form.  This is on the left hand side under “Member Administration”.  Click Add/Move/Delete Player.  Using the drop down select “Delete Player”. Then using the drop down next to Select Member find the player you wish to remove from your clubs grading list.  Continue filling in the form and click Submit.  This will send the form to your District Administrator so they can remove the grading code.

You can only complete the Add/Move/Delete Player form and select Move (if they already have a grading code with another club) once they are a member of your club in iSquash.

Add or Move Player on to your clubs Grading List
As per the instructions above but select Add for players who do not have a current grading code and Move to move a player from another clubs grading code to your clubs grading code.  Select the member, fill in the form and click submit. This will send the form to your District Administrator so they can add or move the grading code.

Any member who has committee status in iSquash with the club has the ability to promote or demote the other club members to Committee Status. Once they have logged in, they click on Member Management (under Member Administration), change the membership type from All to Member and click the black refresh button.  This will then give them the Promote Members and Demote Members buttons they need to promote or demote club members to committee status.  They just tick the empty box to the right of the persons (or multiple people) they wish to promote or demote and then click the appropriate button.

Clubs maintain their own contact details in iSquash, including those shown to players looking for a club on the Squash New Zealand website http://www.squashnz.co.nz/play-squash/where-toplay/clubs.cfm

Anyone in your club with committee status can do this by logging in to iSquash and going to Club Administration > Club Maintenance.

The first tab is your Club Information and this is what is shown to players looking for a club in your area.  The third tab is Club Contacts and contains your clubs President, Treasurer, Secretary/Club Administrator and iSquash Administrator/Statistician.  If any of the names are incorrect, you can change this by using the drop down next to the role, find the correct person and then click Save.  If any of their e-mail addresses or phone numbers are wrong, their details can be updated in Member Management and this will flow through to the Club Contacts tab.

If a person’s e-mail address is incorrect or missing then they will not receive e-mails sent by the District, iSquash generated e-mails such as pending member requests or important notices from Squash New Zealand (such as Grading List cut-off date for SuperChamps, Roadshow details, Membership Return notices, Event Calendar close off dates, iSquash upgrades etc).

Big Nix coaching course Monday, May 29th from 6.pm @ Khandallah

For more information please contact Willie Bicknell – William@squashwellington.org.nz


NZ Junior rankings – May 2017

The latest NZ Juniors rankings. Criteria and supporting information can be found here http://www.nzsquash.co.nz/high-performance/rankings.cfm

May – Players are ranked in their current age-group and are not included in multiple age-group lists

Under 11 Boys

  1. Oliver Dunbar – Wellington
  2. Reece Holmes – Central District
  3. Matthew Growcott – Canterbury
  4. Jack Frisken – Canterbury
  5. Cassius Leevey – Central District
  6. Hayden Turner – Northland
  7. Liam Smith – Waikato
  8. Theo Gannon – Wellington
  9. Jakob Brenssell – Otago
  10. Eoin Ryan – Wellington
  11. Zac Pattison – Canterbury
  12. Oscar Crowe – Otago
  13. Riley McCracken – Auckland
  14. Luca Siegel – Wellington
  15. Ryan Griffith – Wellington
  16. Finn Goodson – Auckland

New affiliated member: Steven Symonds – Midlands

Under 11 Girls

  1. Maia Smales – Auckland
  2. Leah Mee – Midlands
  3. Anabel Romero Gemmell – Central District
  4. Saara Joukani – Auckland
  5. Mackenzie Tait – Wellington
  6. Emily Vanderweg – Midlands
  7. Sophie Barton – Auckland
  8. Memphis Willoh Junior – Auckland
  9. Hayley Rhodes – Northland
  10. Olivia Anstis – Wellington
  11. Grace Spencer – Auckland
  12. Kaianne Henare – Auckland
  13. Kyra Wyeth – Wellington
  14. Erica Jenson – Waikato
  15. Aishah Lotfy – Auckland
  16. Isla Sweeney – Central District

New affiliated members: Katherine Gallagher and Cara Bowker – Midlands

Under 13 Boys

  1. Mason Smales – Auckland
  2. Apa Fatialofa – Auckland
  3. Freddie Jamieson – Northland
  4. Noah Thomas – Auckland
  5. Tom Marshall – Canterbury
  6. Ryan Ko – Canterbury
  7. Jacob Dudley – Southland
  8. Nathan Lucock – Wellington
  9. Charlie Prince – Canterbury
  10. Campbell Griffin – Northland
  11. Maz Saunders – Northland
  12. Liam Gale – Canterbury
  13. Jack Lamb – Canterbury
  14. Joel Kennerley – Bay of Plenty
  15. Flynn Venmore – Northland
  16. Liam Direen – Midlands


Under 13 Girls

  1. Natalie Sayes – Auckland
  2. Sophie Hodges – Waikato
  3. Dora Galloway – Wellington
  4. Ella Lash – Auckland
  5. Rakairoa Joyce – Eastern
  6. Petra Curd-McCullough – Canterbury
  7. Moriya Karati – Canterbury
  8. Alyssa Davy – Waikato
  9. Caitlin Millard – Canterbury
  10. Sophie Bell – Central District
  11. Hannah Dunbar – Wellington
  12. Te Kiriwai Murphy-Fell – Bay of Plenty
  13. Brooke Cornish-Madden – Southland
  14. Gemma Thompson – Otago
  15. Chelsea Traill – Northland
  16. Maia Kelly – Waikato
Under 15 Boys

  1. Leo Fatialofa – Auckland
  2. Elijah Thomas – Wellington
  3. Riley-Jack Vette-Blomquist – Northland
  4. Tarin Love – Auckland
  5. Ben Tomlinson – Auckland
  6. Kunli Zhang – Auckland
  7. Joe Smythe – Bay of Plenty
  8. Sam Kelly – Waikato
  9. Braedyn Henderson – Waikato
  10. Ben McCurran – Bay of Plenty
  11. Nathan Briggs – Canterbury
  12. Soloman Lewis – Otago
  13. Devlin Gurr – Northland
  14. Stephen Garner – Midlands
  15. Paul Moran – Canterbury
  16. Scott Butterick – Canterbury


Under 15 Girls

  1. Georgia Fyfe – Auckland
  2. Jena Gregory – Eastern
  3. Alexandra Harding – Eastern
  4. Renee Dudson – Bay of Plenty
  5. Samantha Harding – Eastern
  6. Dileesia Henare – Auckland
  7. Manaia Jade Peeti – Bay of Plenty
  8. Ruby Saies – Auckland
  9. Katie Templeton – Bay of Plenty
  10. Martha Toghill – Otago
  11. Ariata Kutia – Eastern
  12. Leonie Marshall – Canterbury
  13. Anna Moselen – Northland
  14. Nyah Mar – Wellington
  15. Nadia Karati – Canterbury
  16. Pippa Saunders – Northland
Under 17 Boys

  1. Matthew Lucente – Auckland
  2. Gabe Yam – Auckland
  3. Temwa Chileshe – Waikato
  4. Anthony Lepper – Auckland
  5. Glenn Templeton – Bay of Plenty
  6. Willz Donnelly – Eastern
  7. Kobe Fleming – Wellington
  8. Keidah Bungard – Midlands
  9. Campbell Webster – Wellington
  10. Logan Webber – Waikato
  11. Manaia Murphy-Fell – Bay of Plenty
  12. Jordon Bell – Central District
  13. Richard Bell – Central District
  14. Dylan Budge – Central District
  15. Brad Goldsworthy – Wellington
  16. Mitchell White – Bay of Plenty
Under 17 Girls

  1. Kaitlyn Watts – Central District
  2. Anika Jackson – Waikato
  3. Rhiarne Taiapa – Eastern
  4. Winona-Jo Joyce – Eastern
  5. Ruby Turnbull – Canterbury
  6. Amara Afghan – Auckland
  7. Annmarie Holst – Northland
  8. Annaleise Faint – Central District
  9. Georgia Robcke – Waikato
  10. Charlotte Galloway – Wellington
  11. Anna O’Connor – Southland
  12. Leah Hodges – Waikato
  13. Hayley Carson – Waikato
  14. Tenika Dudson – Bay of Plenty
  15. Hayley Carson – Waikato
  16. Grace Allen – Canterbury
Under 19 Boys

  1. Finn Trimble – Northland
  2. Lwamba Chileshe – Waikato
  3. Mitchell Kempton – Southland
  4. Rafa Yam – Auckland
  5. Quinn Udy – Canterbury
  6. Michael Shelton-Agar – Auckland
  7. Corbin Faint – Central District
  8. Angus McDonald – Waikato
  9. Regan McNaught – Otago
  10. Sean Dykes – Bay of Plenty
  11. Caleb Madden – Otago
  12. Liam McDonald – Waikato
  13. Akil Afghan – Auckland
  14. Ryan Montgomery – Auckland
  15. Te Aorangi Murphy-Fell
  16. John Allan – Wellington
Under 19 Girls

  1. Anna Hughes – Auckland
  2. Nadia Hubbard – Bay of Plenty
  3. Camden Te Kani-McQueen – Bay of Plenty
  4. Courtney Trail – Central District
  5. Zoe Dykzeul – Northland
  6. Emma Cormack – Canterbury
  7. Kiriana Andrew – Canterbury
  8. Iyra Stewart – Bay of Plenty
  9. Holly Keen-OLeary – Waikato
  10. Ruby Beresford – Canterbury
  11. Taylor Clarke – Bay of Plenty
  12. Kelsey Manuatu – Auckland
  13. Gina Bailey – Central District
  14. Amelia Wadsworth – Canterbury
  15. Lauren Vodanovich – Auckland
  16. Rosemary Mair – Eastern

2017 Squash Wellington Board

Following our AGM in March, the below members were elected to make up the Squash Wellington Board


Chairman: Barry Ryan, Mana

Board Members:

Hayley Wilton, Masterton

Brad Watts, Thorndon

Matey Galloway, Mitchell Park

Dayne Far, Island Bay

John Kirkup, Martinborough

2016 annual award nominations are now open

The 2016 annual award nominations are now open- See below for details

All winners will be announced on Friday 11th November at the Wellington Awards at Squash @ Upper Hutt (more details to follow)

Squash Wellington nomination form 2016-awards-nomination-form

As in previous years the Volunteer and Club of the year award winners will go through to be nominated for the National Award. These forms can be completed online here http://www.nzsquash.co.nz/about-squash-nz/national-awards.cfm?section=nominations

or copies in word can be found below and sent to william@squashwellington.org.nz

Volunteer of the year award form volunteer-of-the-year-2016-squash-wellington

Club of the year award form club-of-the-year-2016-squash-wellington


2016 Squash Wellington Junior team named


Congratulations to the following players who will compete in the 2016 NZ Junior nationals, 29th September to 5th October in Hamilton

Charlotte Galloway (Mitchell Park)
Grace Hymers (Red Star)
Emma Conaghan (Upper Hutt)
Olivia Lucock (Upper Hutt)
Diana Galloway (Mitchell Park)

Non travelling reserve – Millie France (Masterton)

Scott Galloway (Mitchell Park)
Tohe Wanoa (Island Bay)
John Allen (Tawa)
Cameron Phillips (Tawa)
Kobe Fleming (Mana)

Non travelling reserve – Campbell Webster (Upper Hutt)

The team will be coached and managed by Nick Mita. He will be assisted by Emma Millar

We wish you all the best of luck!

Pictured below Charlotte and Tohe- Also the Tawa Junior Open winners


The 2016 District Champion of Champions have been found

Thanks to all that participated (41) and supported the event. Thanks again to Tawa Squash club for hosting.

Congratulations to the below winners, you have the right to compete for a national title in your respective grade, 4th -6th November at Putaruru Squash Club (BOP)
A Grade
Women Debbie Dunbar
B Grade
Men John Allan
Women Nikki Gibbs
C Grade
Men James Gould
Women Olivia Lucock
D Grade
Men Tim Daley
Women Kelly Hunt
E Grade
Men Ian Richardson
Women Claudi Hawskes
F Grade
Women Hannah Dunbar