2017 Annual awards

Please find attached the Wellington award nomination form here 2017 -Awards-Nomination Form closing date for these to be returned is 24th October.

This year’s awards will be hosted by Khandallah Squash and Tennis Club, Friday 17th November.


Below are the national awards that you can completed on line. To note: The club and Volunteer of the year award nominations will automatically go through to the national awards panel.


Club of the Year

Clubs play an important role in society. They draw people together, they help to knit communities and they provide a place where people can enjoy themselves both on and off the squash courts. Established in 1998 and open to all affiliated squash clubs within New Zealand, the Club of the Year award recognises clubs for their valuable contribution and achievement in the delivery of community squash.


Nominate your club here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3032


Volunteer of the Year

Volunteers fill many roles and are the lifeblood of many squash clubs throughout the country. They make our sport happen in the community and are vital to the development of the game. Established in 2012, the Volunteer of the Year award rewards outstanding contribution from a volunteer to the sport of squash within New Zealand.


Nominate your volunteers here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3033


National Coaching Awards

Coaching and coaches form a critical part of the squash landscape in New Zealand. Coaches from across the country at all levels donate their time and knowledge to allow athletes to not only improve their game but to also to enjoy the game to its potential. Established in 2002, the Squash New Zealand National Coaching Awards recognise the hard work and endeavour that coaches put in on a weekly basis.

  • New Coach of the Year: a coach who has been coaching for 2 years or less at any level.
  • Club & School Coach of the Year: a coach who is working with junior or senior athletes in a club or school setting (this could include coaching individuals, junior programmes, beginner coaching, schools coaching and graded teams).
  • Performance Coach of the Year: a coach who is working with athletes at a District Representative Level or above, and / or working with a District Performance Squad.


Nominate your coaches here: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm?content_id=3036


Nominations will be open until 24 October. For more details on the regional and national awards: http://squashnz.co.nz/about/awards.cfm